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Here you can choose between the ideas we proposed.

You can also add new ones, too. Please write me a mail telling about it. I will set up a voting form for it.

The Multilateral Project depends a lot on the people who commit themselfs to it. This is why we are going into the names so soon.
Each idea has its own form where you can say how commited you are towards the idea and who you think would be best to do the jobs to be done.
And you can write comments and comment on the comments of others.
Please click on “Contiue Reading” to see the forms for each idea to fill in.

Once you are there you will find arrows at the bottom to navigate from on idea to the next.
Or you come back here :-). The links in the right sidebar will help.

The results so far (4.1.)

Votes by Betsy, Liz, Jutta, Boris, Lezly, Valentina, (Agota)

I Hosting Innovation: 7
II Hosting Transformation: 4
III Hosting Diversity: 2
IV Playful Changemaking: 4

This takes Hosting Innovation to number 1 so far, which is the favorit of Jutta and me (Boris) as well. Jutta is even thinking to write a Ph.D. about it.


Every name in bold was agreed to go for it by the named person.
Every name in (brackets) the named person is not going to do it.


Boris 3, Kanada 2, (Pieter J. 3), Joos 2, Liz

R&D module:

Boris 6, Jutta 5, Betsy 6, Liz 5, Lezly, Agota 3,  Joschi 4, Martin 4, Johannes 3, Valentina 3, Jord 3, Kanada 4, Floris, Raphael 2, Neva 2, Charles 2, Nathan Rosquist 2 (Artmonk, hasn’t yet attended an LLP)

R&D train the trainer:

Lezlie, Valentina 2, (Pieter J 2), Martin 3, Joschi 5, Johannes 5, Jutta 2, Suzie, Boris, Floris, Liz, Betsy, Agota 2, Kanada 2, Jord

PR and dessimination:

Valentina 3, (Pieter J 5), Liz 3 (with help), Knowmad team 3, Kim, Betsy


Boris 4, (Pieter J 5), Yip, Liz 6 (with help), Betsy 5(with help), Pieter P 2, Kim 3, Kanada 3, Johannes 2, Martin 3, Joschi 3


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