Idea I: Hosting Innovation

Research on the moment of emergence. Finding solutions on a different level than the one that caused the problem is crucial in order to create long-term change. But how to get ideas that are really new and really on this new level?  What is helpful in the crucial process of finding new ideas? Bases for this research could be theory U. We find theory U good and helpful to make clear this archetypal creative process, but the practical methods offered around it quite immature, that’s why we want to bring practice U a big step further, especially methods leading to the point where something new can emerge. I believe some techniques we already use within our hosting transformation group are more powerful than the techniques proposed by Otto Scharmer, and there’s still so much more to explore in terms of e.g. intuitive idea creation and collective innovating – from a more artistic, more brain-research, more shamanic, more nature oriented, more systems oriented, more business oriented perspective/approach.

Target-group learners
teams of all kinds
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development managers

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