Completion of the project “Hosting Social Innovation”

For two years, thanks to the EU project “Hosting Social Innovation”, we had the opportunity to deal intensely with one of our hearts: How does the new come into the world and how can we support people and organizations in this change? All four partners, Plenum  (Austria), The Art Monastery Project(US / Italy), Sendzimir Foundation  (Poland) and the Visionautik Akademie have put their enthusiasm, lifeblood and the joy of working together into this project. In addition to a train-the-trainer seminar, a six-week e-learning course on social innovation and other events, there are also online, freely accessible innovation tools that you can always use at any time:

The train-the trainer-seminar will also be passed on after the end of our project. The next one starts in summer 2018:

Train-the-Trainer-Seminar “Certified Innovation Host Training” in Austria:
Module 1: 9th to 13th of July ´18 and
Module 2: 29th of October to 2nd of November ´18


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