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Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a template for developing new or existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a product’s or service’s value proposition, customers, and finances.


This technique from Wolfgang and Eberhard Schnelle can be used as a facilitation method for groups and as a communication model. This technique develops opinions, builds a common understanding and objectives, and helps formulate recommendations and action plans to focus on a problem and its possible solutions.


Backcasting is an approach to planning innovation that is based on moving backwards from the vision to the present to explore its feasibility and implications. It can be done as a participatory process but it can also be used by an individual.

System map

This method uses systems analysis and systems thinking approach to improve a group’s understanding of the relationships between various aspects related to the topic that the group is working on.

Osborn’s Checklist

A classic, effective ideation technique, best used if you already have something to build on: a situation, product, process you want to change or improve. The 62 questions in 9 clusters help you rethink what you took for granted and find better solutions.

Project Tree

The project tree is a method to structure an innovation project, get a good overview and clarify it on all levels. Visualized in the analogy of a tree, the questions “why” and “how” navigate you through the different levels of your project, from very basic assumptions to nitty-gritty action steps. It is a good tool to move smoothly from dreaming into planning.

Disney Method

A cyclic creative process in 3-4 phases to dream up new ideas, make them realistic and evaluate them by using different rooms for each phase. It helps come up with high quality ideas, thoroughly thought through from different perspectives.

Life Wheel

The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you get a graphical representation of the present balance between different areas regarding your personal life or organisation, and identify which will most benefit you by improving.