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Empathic Interview

In order to really understand a situation including the thoughts, needs, problems and hopes of the people you are innovating for, one of the easiest and most direct ways is to talk to them. Empathic interviews are a gentle and effective way to do that.

Open Sentences

“Open Sentences” is an easy-to-lead interactive process in pairs. It is a structure for spontaneous expression and attentive listening. The Open Sentences Process helps explore a topic and often brings to light surprising thoughts, feelings, and new ideas.

Metaphoric Cards

Cards stimulate creativity and communication. They can be used as a co-creative, co-operative game designed to enhance communications, encourage expression, and stimulate imagination through a variety of interpretations.


This is a creativity technique that reveals aspects that can easily slip your attention.

Dressed in White

An experiencial exercise to overcome self-limitations and discover new sides and habits of oneself. Especially suitable if you want to spread an experimental spirit, encourage diversity and minimize fear of failure in your group/company/community.

Job Shadowing

Shadowing means that a person accompanies someone for a defined period of time to observe him/her during work and learn from this observation.

Sensing Journeys

Sensing Journeys pull participants out of their daily routine and allow them to experience the challenge through the lens of different stakeholders. Sensing journeys bring participants to places and experiences that are most relevant for the respective question they are working on.