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Empathic Interview

In order to really understand a situation including the thoughts, needs, problems and hopes of the people you are innovating for, one of the easiest and most direct ways is to talk to them. Empathic interviews are a gentle and effective way to do that.

Open Sentences

“Open Sentences” is an easy-to-lead interactive process in pairs. It is a structure for spontaneous expression and attentive listening. The Open Sentences Process helps explore a topic and often brings to light surprising thoughts, feelings, and new ideas.

Jar with Inspirational Quotes

Jar or box contains a collection of daily inspirational quotes. The quotes are printed on hand rolled, hand tied scrolls. Each scroll contains one inspirational message to read daily or when you need to get some inspiration.

Dynamic Meditation

This meditation is a fast and thorough way to break old patterns in the body memory that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls.

Intention Setting

When people set intentions at the beginning of a session, day, workshop, or project, powerful potential is unleashed. Participants simply identify what their aim is and the facilitator reminds them periodically to return to their intention.

Intro Circle

At the first meal that the group is together, each person says something about themselves (usually name, place of origin, their role in the project, how they heard about it or why they came to the program) and one additional question that the most recent arrival comes up with.


This flexible non-religious guided meditation can be a powerful attitude changer, sending well wishes to all beings.