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appreciative-community-building, awareness-raising, collective-intelligence, conflict-resolution, group-communication, harvesting, idea-generator, problem-solving, reflection, understanding-complexity

Soft Shoe Shuffle

Soft shoe shuffle is a group conversation in motion. It is an effective and energizing method for -sharing insights or discussing controversial topics in a group, -for group decision making -and to bring a fresh wind into encrusted conversation habits.

Dare to Ask

This method is about opening up and daring to ask any kind of questions concerning your project/enterprise. You present your “problem” and your audience will bombard you with solutions on post-its.

Reflection Fishbowl

After a program, course, or project, the organizing team can use this method to reflect on each person’s role and effectiveness. A powerful tool for internal use amongst a team that has worked closely and trusts each other.

System map

This method uses systems analysis and systems thinking approach to improve a group’s understanding of the relationships between various aspects related to the topic that the group is working on.

Tonglen Meditation

Tonglen is a powerful meditation practice central to Tibetan Buddhism. In this practice, one visualizes taking into oneself the suffering of others on the in-breath, and on the out-breath sending happiness and wellness to all sentient beings.

Systemic Consensus

Systemic Consensus is a way of joint decision making. Its is a creative process for finding the greatest possible consensus among a group of people.


This flexible non-religious guided meditation can be a powerful attitude changer, sending well wishes to all beings.